Bus in Yakushima

Arakawa Mountain Bus

Buses depart from the Yakusugi Museum parking lot, with up to six departures and eight returns daily, depending on season. You must purchase a ticket at least a day in advance; also note that this fare is not covere…
Car Rental in Tokashiki-jima

Kariyushi Rentasābisu

Bicycles, cars and scooters are available for rent at Kariyushi Rentasābisu, just outside the port area; they also rent towels, snorkelling gear and showers.
Ferry in Kume-jima

Kume Shōsen

Runs one or two daily ferries from Naha's Tomari Port to/from Kume-jima (¥3390, three hours).
Ferry in Tokashiki-jima

Ferry Tokashiki

Runs one regular ferry (¥1660, one hour 10 minutes) daily from Naha's Tomari Port.
Car Rental in Amami-Ōshima

Times Car Rental

Efficient, reasonably priced and right across the street from the airport.
Ferry in Tokashiki-jima

Marine Liner Tokashiki

Operates two or three fast ferries a day (¥2490, 35 minutes) from Naha.
Bus in Yakushima

Kigen-sugi Bus Stop

Nearest bus stop to Yodogawa-tozanguchi trailhead.
Car Rental in Iriomote-jima

Yamaneko Rentacar

Also has a branch in Ōhara.
Bus in Naha

Naha Bus Terminal