Okinawa & the Southwest Islands drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Cafe in Miyako-jima

Miyako-jima Cafe Karakara

Stop in to pay a visit to the inimitable and delightful Mr and Mrs Yamashita, who built this fabulously atmospheric sea-shanty cafe on the road to Ikema-jima, with their own love and gumption. Be sure to have a bowl…
Cafe in Ishigaki-jima

Cafe Taniwha

You can't do better than Cafe Taniwha as a first stop in Ishigaki. Owners and citizens of the world, Kuri and Fusa have created a snug, welcoming space for local eccentrics and international travellers. They sometim…
Bar in Yoron-tō

Bar Natural Reef

This tiki bar on Chabana's main drag is the best watering hole on the island, with plenty of yū sen, a local shōchū (strong distilled alcohol) made from sugar cane, to keep everyone happy. Owner Kowaguchi-san has lo…
Bar in Naha


This 3rd-floor international bar on Kokusai-dōri attracts a friendly, mixed crowd and has cosy nook seating, imported beer and two-for-one drinks on Tuesdays. The cool bartenders here speak English.
Pub in Naha

Helios Pub

Craft-beer lovers who tire of Orion can perk up bored palates with a sample flight of four house brews (¥900) and pints for ¥525. Edibles cover the pub-menu gamut, all very reasonably priced.
Bar in Miyako-jima

Bar Pulse

Run by the English-speaking P-Boo, who spins tunes from his extensive and eclectic collection, this bar is a welcome aural refuge from Okinawa's ubiquitous soft-samba covers of Beatles ditties. The interior is prett…