Tourist Information in Okinoerabu-jima

Okinoerabu Island Tourist Information Office

A little off the beaten track, but it's worth a drive to speak with the friendly staff of Okinoerabu's Tourist Information committee. They'll be able to hook you up with whatever experience you've come to the island…
Tourist Information in Yakushima

Miyanoura Tourist Information Centre

You'll find Miyanoura's useful information centre inside the Yakushima Environmental Culture Village building as you leave the port. Pick up maps, bus passes and island info in English here, and book lodgings, too.
Tourist Information in Naha

Naha City Tourist Information Office

This excellent tourist information office has more free maps and pamphlets than you can poke a stick at, as well as a money-exchange terminal, rental lockers, strollers and even wheelchairs!
Internet in Ishigaki-jima

Island Ishigaki

A clean, well-lit place to surf the web or spend the night if you're in a bind, this manga kissa is a short walk from the Ishigaki city centre. A variety of rentals are available.
Travel Agency in Naha

Okinawa Tourist (OTS)

This competent travel agency on Kokusai-dōri has English speaking agents who can help with all manner of ferry and flight bookings.
Tourist Information in Miyako-jima

Miyakojima Tourism Association

The local tourism association office is opposite the Miyakojima City Hall. It also runs a helpful desk at the airport.
Tourist Information in Kume-jima

Kumejima Tourism Association

Runs a tourist information office near Eef Beach and a helpful counter at the airport.
Tourist Information in Zamami-jima

Zamami Village Tourist Information Center

Usually there's a native English speaker on staff at this well-organised office.
Post in Miyako-jima

Hirara-Nishizato Post Office

This centrally located post office has an international ATM.
Tourist Information in Amami-Ōshima

Amami-Ōshima Tourist Information Office

Pick up Amami maps and find bus schedules here.