Okinawa-hontō restaurants

Top Choice Okinawan in Naha

Ryūkyū Ryōri Nuchigafū

For a memorable, elegant meal in Naha, don't pass up dinner at the hilltop Nuchigafū, off the southern end of Tsuboya Pottery Street. Formerly a lovely Okinawan teahouse, and before that a historic Ryūkyūan residenc…
Top Choice Okinawan in Naha


You'll be lucky to get a seat here, but if you do, you'll be treated to some of the best Okinawan food around, served in traditional but bustling surroundings. Try the okinawa-soba set (¥1400), or choose from the pi…
Top Choice Chinese in Naha

Shanghai Wantan Rō

If you can hold out for this little late-night eatery, you won't be disappointed. The standouts of the drool-worthy menu (which is, incidentally, perfectly paired with ice-cold beer) are the juicy, deep-fried wonton…
Okinawan in Naha


Perfect for lunch after touring Shuri-jō, Ashibiunā has a traditional ambience and picturesque garden. Set meals feature local specialities such as gōyā champurū, okinawa-soba and ikasumi yaki-soba. On the road lead…
Vegetarian in Naha

Ukishima Garden

With pork featuring prominently in traditional Okinawan cuisine, Ukishima Garden is a refreshing, cleansing change. Here vegetarian and vegan creations utilise as much organic and locally grown produce as possible, …
Okinawan in Naha


Come to Mikasa hungry, and at any hour, for cheap, no-nonsense grub with the locals. All the Okinawan favourites are whipped up here – gōyā champuru and champon (sautéed meat, onion and egg over rice) – and served w…
Okinawan in Southern Okinawa-hontō


If you're exploring southern Okinawa-hontō, seek out this serene, ocean-view cafe nestled in the forest. This is a lovely place for refreshing vegetarian fare made with organic and local ingredients. It's a 10-minut…
Okinawan in Motobu Peninsula

Cahaya Bulan

Relax on the outdoor patio of this Bise cafe and slurp some noodles, such as ajian-soba (Asian-style soba), while enjoying views of Ie-jima.