Northern Okinawa-Hontō

The northern part of Okinawa-hontō is largely undeveloped and comparatively wild and rugged, with few accommodation and dining options and slow-going public transportation. That said, if you have a rental car and time on your hands, Rte 58 hugs the west coast all the way up to Hedo-misaki (辺土岬; Hedo Cape), which marks the northern end of Okinawa. The point itself is an incredibly scenic spot backed by hills, with rocks rising from the dense greenery. On a good day, Yoron-tō, the southernmost island in the Amami Islands, is visible, 23km to the northeast. Allow a full day and plan on a slow pace if you decide to make the trip. It's not that far but island driving is slow going, even with a brief stint on the motorway.