Scooter Hire in Ishigaki-jima

Gogoro Go Share

Ishigaki-only ride-share system using ecofriendly battery-powered scooters. See the website for full details.

Bus in Yakushima

Arakawa Mountain Bus Stop

Buses depart from the Yakusugi Museum parking lot, with up to six departures and eight returns daily, depending on season. You must purchase a ticket at least a day in advance; also note that this fare is not...

Ferry in Tokashiki-jima

Marine Liner Tokashiki

The Marine Liner is the faster of two ferry services between Tokashiki and Naha's Tomarin port, with two to three services per day (¥2490, 35 minutes). The slower, cheaper service is Ferry Tokashiki.

Airport in Naha

Naha International Airport

Naha's busy international and domestic airport is linked to the city by the Yui Rail monorail system. Otherwise, a taxi to your accommodation should run the range of ¥1500 to ¥3000.

Car Rental in Tokashiki-jima

Kariyushi Rentasābisu

Bicycles, cars and scooters are available for rent at Kariyushi Rentasābisu, just outside the port area; it also rents towels, snorkelling gear and showers.

Ferry in Aka-jima

Zamami Village Office

The Zamami Village Office operates the high-speed and regular ferry services that run between Zamami and Naha's Tomarin port.

Ferry in Tokashiki-jima

Ferry Tokashiki

This regular ferry (¥1660, 70 minutes) runs one daily service to/from Naha's Tomari Port and Tokashiki.

Ferry in Kume-jima

Kume Shōsen

Runs one or two daily ferries from Naha's Tomari Port to/from Kume-jima (¥3390, three hours).

Ferry in Ōsumi Islands

Ferry Toshima

Based in Kagoshima, operates irregular ferries to the Tokara-rettō (トカラ列島).

Ferry in Ishigaki-jima

Anei Kankō

Runs ferry services between Ishigaki and the outlying Yaeyama Islands.