Top ChoiceIzakaya in Miyako-jima

Pōcha Tatsuya

This hospitable izakaya is a warm, efficient bastion of Miyako-jima quality, serving fresh, thoughtfully prepared local fare such as kobushime-yawaraka-ni (steamed cuttlefish; ¥730) and sūchiki (vinegared pork...

Top ChoiceNoodles in Miyako-jima

Rāmen House Tida

This old-school family noodle joint exudes a Shōwa-era movie vibe if only for its fabulously faded original decor. Friendly hosts dish out hearty bowls of steaming broth, tasty fried rice and juicy gyōza. Many...

Top ChoiceBistro in Irabu-jima & Shimoji-jima

Blue Turtle

This blingy little bistro gets bonus points for its delightfully secluded location, resting atop a shaded grassy knoll on a white-sand beach, whose turquoise waters glimmer seductively while you sip your cocktail...

Izakaya in Miyako-jima


Nanraku is Miyako-jima embodied in an izakaya – an earthy, convivial atmosphere, with ingredients sourced from local bounty. Chef Nanraku-san is a local boy, and his celebration of the island's cuisine and its...

Bakery in Miyako-jima


If you couldn't see this hole-in-the-wall bakery, you'd smell it. It's unique for its owner's commitment to selling fresh bread throughout its opening hours. This means you'll find fresh rolls – plain (which are...

Southeast Asian in Miyako-jima

Asian Izakaya Kuusu

Fresh spring rolls, green curry, gōyā champurū (bitter melon stir-fry) and nasi goreng all feature on the menu here. A young crowd keeps it lively if you're just here for a Singha beer or a sip of awamori.