Top Choice Tofu in Okayama


Squeeze in at the counter at this small, simple lunch joint and watch the team of women preparing delicious tofu meals as you wait. There are only three things on the (picture) menu; try the okabe teishoku for a set…
Japanese in Okayama


An extremely popular fusion restaurant for Japanese classics such as tako-yaki (grilled octopus dumplings). The best bet is the set six-course meal, which includes French-leaning flavours in pumpkin soup, grilled pr…
Noodles in Okayama

Tori-soba Ōta

The name of this little counter-top restaurant is also its trademark dish: tori-soba (steaming bowls of noodles packed with chicken and served in a tasty broth). Other options are variations on the chicken, noodle a…
Tonkatsu in Okayama

Ajitsukasa Nomura

Step into this quiet bamboo-themed restaurant to try local speciality demi-katsudon – deep-fried pork cutlets with a thick, rich demi-glace sauce, served on rice. Place your order by purchasing a ticket from the mac…
French in Okayama

Padang Padang

Despite the Asian-sounding name, this mellow, lamp-lit restaurant focuses on French and Italian dishes, deftly whipped up in the small open kitchen. There is occasional live music and it's a good spot for a glass of…
Indian in Okayama

Quiet Village Curry Shop

This cosy restaurant consists of one long table and counter, where the welcoming owners serve up Bengali-style curries and tasty cups of chai. Some English is spoken and there are vegetarian and vegan options.