Okayama activities, tickets and more

Cultural & Theme Tours

Yakage Town Historical Walking Tour

Uncover the little-known treasures of Yakage Town on a one-day insider walking tour with a local guide. Explore the ancient route that the feudal lords took when they walked to Edo (the old name for Tokyo), visit Yakage Honjin where samurai and dignitaries stayed, local businesses that have been in operation for over 200 years, still making the same goods.  Marvel at the Edo architecture and visit specialty food shops to sample artisan Japanese sweets, sample freshly picked fruit and vegetables. As you walk, you'll learn the history of this town and meet locals that have lived in the town for generations.
8 hours
Classes & Workshops

Yakage Town Japanese Sweet Making Workshop

As one of the oldest Japanese traditional sweet makers in Okayama prefecture, Sato Gyokuundo has been delighting customers for over 180 years. The signature products of this shop include the yuzu (a citrus hybrid of sour mandarin and Ichang papeda) orange that has been preserved, the sweet potato cracker with special flowers placed in the center, about 90 different varieties of flowers are used each year. Lastly, a mixture of honey, citrus and rice flour steamed together to produce a brown gelatin sweet which is wrapped in a bamboo leaf. The shop offers a relaxing atmosphere where you can taste test the sweets before buying.
1.5 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Kibi Daijin Shrine New Year Festival

Visit the park and Shrine that celebrates the birthplace of Kibi-no-Makibi the creator of hirakana. This tour will give you the opportunity to get a temple stamp book and receive the special calligraphy for Kibidaiji Shrine, walk around the beautifully sculptured park and eat udon. After the park you will have free time to roam the historic town street of Yakage.
8 hours
Classes & Workshops

Bizen Ware Pottery Lesson with a Craftsman in Okayama

Bizen ware, or "Bizen-yaki," is one of the most famous Japanese traditional potteries. For this lesson, you will have the choice of either using an electric potter's wheel or hand forming your pottery.
2 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Osaka to Sayo Nanko Sunflower Park Trip, White Peach Tasting

Enjoy this day trip visiting the beautiful suburban area of Japan, Hyogo Prefecture. In the summer, this prefecture is known for its vast sunflower fields at Sayo Nanko Sunflower Park. On this trip, you will visit the Okayama district where you can enjoy a local lunch and also eat as many fruits including white peaches as you want at a restaurant located in a small town in Okayama. After lunch, experience 1 peach picking at the fruit farm. Finally, you will visit the beautiful streets of Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter before heading back to Osaka.
12 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Private Luxury Osaka Kobe Himeji Okayama Shikoku Island Tour Two Full Days

This is the ultimate two-day luxury tour, be prepared for world class Kobe Beef cuisine at a Michelin rated establishment (in Kobe City), enjoy overnight accommodation and luxurious & authentic kaiseki cuisine at a traditional luxury Japanese Ryokan (Inn) with a 1,200 year old onsen (hot spring) in Okayama, visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, 4 world famous Castles, 1 incredible Temple, 1 unforgettable Shrine and a scenic drive through 2 stunningly beautiful islands (Shikoku Island & Awaji Island) – all in a 2017 Toyota Alphard tour van.
2 days
Tours & Sightseeing

Kurashiki Rickshaw Tour

Discover Kurashiki the traditional way: on a rickshaw. As a shogunate crown colony in the Edo period (1603~1868), Kurashiki enjoyed prosperity by storing goods and products from all over Japan. Alongside the canals are white-wall Japanese style warehouses and traditional Japanese houses with willow trees on the bank. This tour can be customized to your preferred departure time, ending point, and length.
2 hours
Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Ohara Museum of Art Admission Ticket

This ticket grants admission to the Ohara Museum of Art, the first museum in Japan dedicated to western art. In Japan, the museum is a revelation of European and American art, with paintings from the Italian Renaissance to Flemish masters and American artists of the 20th century. Separate wings dedicated to crafts house Japanese potteries, woodcuts, and paintings.
1 day
Day Trips & Excursions

Visit Nostalgia Streets Kurashiki and Pick Strawberry in Okayama!

Take a glance at reminiscent Kurashiki area by Seto Inland Sea! This one-day tour departs from and arrives back in Osaka. Guests will visit some major spots of Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture in Japan’s Shikoku region. Activities of strawberry picking and wine tasting are included. Lunch will be served with beef Sukiyaki and local cuisine in Okayama "Matsuri-zushi" meal set. There will be one hour and half section for walking around the nostalgic streets Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter.
11 hours