Top Choice Tofu in Okayama


Squeeze in at the counter at this small lunch joint and watch the team of women preparing delicous tofu meals as you wait. It's a simple place and there are only three things on the menu, which has some pictures. Tr…
Top Choice Seafood in Kurashiki


This traditional eatery, in a 200-year-old warehouse with chunky beams and long wooden tables, is famed for the sardine-like local speciality. The tasty fish is supposed to induce bouts of uncontrollable feasting, s…
Top Choice Cafe in Shōdo-shima

Dutch Café Cupid & Cotton

Inside a knick-knack-filled windmill on a hillside, Dutch Café serves savoury and sweet 'real Dutch' pancakes. Turn right at the top of the Olive Park complex and look for the small sign pointing up a narrow road on…
Top Choice Cafe in Naoshima

Shioya Diner

With rock 'n' roll music, retro furniture and kitsch knick-knacks, Shioya is an odd mix of American diner and grandma's kitchen. The menu features tacos and chilli dogs, and they sometimes charcoal-grill Cajun chick…
Top Choice Cafe in Naoshima

Cafe Salon Naka-Oku

Up on a small hill at the rear of a farming plot, Naka-Oku is a good option in the Honmura area, and one of only a couple of places open in the evenings here. It's all wood-beamed warmth and cosiness, with homey spe…
Noodles in Okayama

Tori-soba Ōta

The name of this little countertop restaurant is also its trademark dish: tori-soba (steaming bowls of noodles packed with chicken and served in a tasty broth). Other options are variations on the chicken, noodle an…
Italian in Okayama

Padang Padang

Despite the Asian-sounding name, this mellow, lamp-lit restaurant focuses on French and Italian dishes, deftly whipped up in the small open kitchen. There is occasional live music and it's a good spot for a glass of…
Curry in Okayama

Quiet Village Curry Shop

This cosy restaurant consists of one long table and counter, where the welcoming owners serve up Bengali-style curries and tasty cups of chai. Some English is spoken and there are vegetarian and vegan options.
Sushi in Kurashiki


A large, pleasant canal-side restaurant opposite the Ōhara Museum, serving sashimi set meals, seafood-and-rice dishes, and some desserts. You can get the local sardine-like speciality here in mamakari-teishoku. Cash…
Noodles in Kurashiki

Bukkake Udon

In the Bios Arcade across from the station, this local chain serves up the tasty Kurashiki udon speciality – called bukkake udon (from bukkakeru, meaning to pour or splash) because you tip the sauce over the noodles…