Top Choice Art in Naoshima

Setouchi Triennale

This festival of art, music, drama and dance comes around every three years and has a packed calendar of events occurring on multiple Inland Sea islands, many on Naoshima. Previous schedules have been spread across …
Cultural in Okayama

Saidai-ji Eyō

Also known as the Hadaka Matsuri ('Naked Festival'), this event takes place at the Kannon-in temple in Saidai-ji, where a chaotic crowd of around 10,000 men in loincloths fight over two sacred shingi (wooden batons)…
Theatre in Shōdo-shima

Nōson Kabuki

Shōdo-shima was famous during the Edo period for its tradition of rural kabuki (stylised Japanese theatre), and two 17th-century thatched theatres survive in the mountain villages east of Tonoshō. Performances are h…