Top Choice Gardens in Okayama


Kōraku-en draws the crowds with its reputation as one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan. It has expansive lawns broken up by ponds, teahouses and other Edo-period buildings, including a nō theatre stage, …
Top Choice Historic Building in Kurashiki

Ōhashi House

Between the station and the canal area is the beautifully restored Ōhashi House, built in 1793. The house belonged to one of Kurashiki's richest families and was built at a time when prosperous merchants were beginn…
Top Choice Gallery in Kurashiki

Ōhara Museum of Art

This is Kurashiki's premier museum, housing the predominantly Western art collection amassed by local textile magnate Ōhara Magosaburō (1880–1943), with the help of artist Kojima Torajirō (1881–1929). The varied ass…
Top Choice Museum in Shōdo-shima

Marukin Soy Sauce Historical Museum

Shōdo-shima was famous for its soy beans long before olives arrived, and several old soy-sauce companies are still in business here. Marukin has a small museum with displays of the sauce-making process, old implemen…
Top Choice Art Installation in Naoshima

Art House Project

In Honmura, half a dozen traditional buildings have been turned over to contemporary artists to use as the setting for creative installations. Highlights include Ōtake Shinrō's shacklike Haisha, its Statue of Libert…
Top Choice Art Museum in Teshima

Teshima Yokoo House

Here an old house has been converted into exhibition spaces, with a colourful take on a traditional Japanese rock garden outside (which locals helped create). Don't miss stepping inside the tower 'waterfall' install…
Castle in Okayama


Nicknamed U-jō (烏城; Crow Castle) because of its colour, the striking black Okayama Castle has an imposing exterior with gilded fish-gargoyles flipping their tails in the air. You can appreciate its impressive appear…
Gallery in Okayama

Yumeji Art Museum

Prominent Taishō-era artist and poet Takehisa Yumeji (1884–1934) is particularly known for his bijin-ga (images of beautiful women), and various wistfully posed ladies feature among the paintings, prints and screens…
Museum in Okayama

Okayama Prefectural Museum

Tools, armoury and Bizen pottery are among the historic artefacts exhibited at this museum. It's located near the entrance to Kōraku-en.
Museum in Okayama

Hayashibara Museum of Art

This is a small museum with exhibits of scrolls, armour and paintings that were once the property of the Ikeda clan (who ruled Okayama for much of the Edo period). It's near the rear entrance of Okayama-jō. Look for…