Ogimachi attractions

Historic Building in Ogimachi


Shirakawa-gō's largest gasshō house is a designated National Treasure. It once belonged to a wealthy silk-trading family and dates back to the mid-Edo period. Upstairs you'll find silk-harvesting equipment and a val…
Museum in Ogimachi

Myōzen-ji Folk Museum

Adjacent to Myōzen-ji, Ogimachi's small temple, Myōzen-ji Folk Museum displays the traditional paraphernalia of daily rural life.
Museum in Ogimachi

Gasshō-zukuri Folk Village

Over two dozen gasshō-zukuri buildings have been relocated here, although the arrangement feels contrived. Several houses are used for demonstrating regional crafts such as woodwork, straw handicrafts and ceramics (…
Viewpoint in Ogimachi

Shiroyama Tenbōdai

This lookout on the site of a former castle provides a lovely view of the valley. It's a 15-minute walk via the road behind the east side of town. You can climb the path (five minutes) from near the intersection of …