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Gallery in Obuse

Hokusai Museum

Japan's most famous ukiyo-e (woodblock) artist, Hokusai, spent his final years in Obuse. Over 30 of his works are exhibited in this gallery, which recently reopened after extensive renovations. It's a 10-minute well…
Museum in Obuse

Takai Kōzan Kinenkan

Takai Kōzan, woodblock artist Hokusai's friend and patron, was a businessman and an accomplished classical artist specialising in elegant Chinese-style landscapes. His life and work is commemorated in this small mus…
Gelato in Obuse


Even if it's cold out, be sure to stop by for some delicious, creamy, freshly churned gelato in a range of seasonal flavours. In summer, it's a must.
Museum in Obuse

Japanese Lamp & Lighting Museum

Showcasing lighting through Japanese history, including oil lamps and lanterns, this neat museum will flip the switches of design aficionados.
Gallery in Obuse

Taikan Bonsai Museum

Come here to appreciate the delicate art of bonsai, including some rare species. Admission includes entry to a small gallery of landscapes.
Desserts in Obuse


Sample chestnut confections at Chikufūdō, established in 1893. Dorayakisan (chestnut paste in pancake dumplings) are the standard.