Top things to do in Obuse

Top Choice Gallery in Obuse

Hokusai Museum

Japan's most famous ukiyo-e (woodblock print) artist, Hokusai, spent his final years in Obuse. There's an audiovisual presentation on his life in the theatre, and his '36 Views of Fuji' plus other works are exhibite…
Cafe in Obuse

Cafe Gingadō

If you're struggling with the crowds on a busy day in Obuse, head back to the road in front of the station to find this lovely little cafe, offering set lunches such as daily pasta, pizza or omelette with salad for …
Desserts in Obuse


Sample chestnut confections at Chikufūdō, established in 1893. Dorayakisan (chestnut paste in pancake dumplings) are the standard here. It's on the main road near the Hokusai Museum.
Museum in Obuse

Takai Kōzan Kinenkan

Takai Kōzan, woodblock artist Hokusai's friend and patron, was a businessman and an accomplished classical artist specialising in elegant Chinese-style landscapes. His life and work are commemorated in this small mu…
Gelato in Obuse


Even if it's cold outside, be sure to stop by for some of Marrone's delicious, creamy, freshly churned gelato, available in a range of seasonal flavours. In summer it's a must. It's on the main road in the middle of…
Museum in Obuse

Japanese Lamp & Lighting Museum

Showcasing lighting through Japanese history, including oil lamps and lanterns, this neat museum will flip the switches of design aficionados.