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In the centre of Oku-Noto, Noto Satoyama (Wajima) Airport connects the peninsula with Tokyo (Haneda).


Hokutetsu Kankō runs buses between Kanazawa and Wajima and, less frequently, Monzen (¥950, 35 minutes).


Self-driving from Kanazawa is easily the best way to see the peninsula. Most sights can be reached by road only: hiring a car in Kanazawa is recommended. The 83km Noto Yūryo (能登有料; Noto Toll Rd) speeds you as far as Anamizu (toll ¥1180).


For the west Noto coast, take the JR Nanao line from Kanazawa to Hakui (tokkyū/futsū ¥1530/820, 45 minutes/one hour) and connect to infrequent local buses. For Oku-Noto, trains continue to Wakura Onsen, connecting to even less frequent local buses.