Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Lower Noto Peninsula


Founded in 1294 by Nichizō, a disciple of Nichiren, the imposing Myōjō-ji remains an important temple for the sect. The grounds comprise 10 Important Cultural Properties, most notably the strikingly elegant five-sto…
Buddhist Temple in Noto-kongō Coast

Sōji-ji Soin

This beautiful temple in Monzen was established in 1321 as the head of the Sōtō school of Zen, but now functions as a branch temple. Temple buildings were damaged by the 2007 Noto earthquake and remain under fastidi…
Museum in Wajima

Ishikawa Wajima Urushi Art Museum

This modern museum about a 15-minute walk west of the former train station, has a large, rotating collection of lacquerware in galleries on two floors. Phone ahead, as it closes between exhibitions.
Landmark in Upper Noto Peninsula

Senmaida Rice Terraces

Once a common sight in Japan, the ancient method of rice farming is disappearing. These 'thousand' terraced rice paddies snaking up the hillside are both fascinating and beautiful in all seasons.
Museum in Wajima

Kiriko Kaikan

Here you can view a selection of the impressive illuminated lacquered floats used in the Wajima Taisai festival, some up to 15m tall. Take the bus to Tsukada bus stop (¥150, six minutes).
Historic Building in Lower Noto Peninsula


During the Edo period, the Kita family administered over 200 villages from Kita-ke, the pivotal crossroads of the Kaga, Etchū and Noto fiefs. Inside this splendid, sprawling family home and museum are displays of we…
Historic Building in Upper Noto Peninsula


One of the few survivors of the Taira clan, Taira Tokitada was exiled to this region in 1185. His ancestors eventually divided and established separate family residences here, both now Important Cultural Properties …
Museum in Lower Noto Peninsula

Himi Shōwa Museum

This fabulous little museum is a good reason to pass through Himi. It showcases all manner of memorabilia from the Shōwa period (1926–89), encompassing the pre- and post-war manufacturing boom and that golden era fr…
Historic Building in Upper Noto Peninsula


This is an Important Cultural Property, one of two family residences of exiled shogun Taira Tokitada (the other is Kami-tokikuni-ke). Tokikuni-ke, the oldest residence, was built in 1590 in the style of the Kamakura…
Museum in Lower Noto Peninsula

Cosmo Isle Hakui

This quirky space and science museum is one for The X-Files fans, featuring ’60s and ’70s USSR space mission relics and a bunch of UFO and alien exhibits (including a replica of the alleged Roswell alien dissection)…