Top things to do

Museum in Kinosaki

Kinosaki Mugiwarazaikudenshokan

Visitors to Kinosaki might want to peek at the Kinosaki Mugiwarazaikudenshokan, which displays mugiwarazaiku, a local craft that employs barley straw cut into tiny pieces and applied to wood to form incredibly beaut…
Seafood in Kinosaki

Daikō Shōten

This seafood shop/izakaya serves up freshly caught local seafood fried, grilled, sauteed or raw in a casual atmosphere. The specialty kaisen-don (seafood over rice) is priced ¥1480 to ¥2500, or you'll never go wrong…
Sushi in Kinosaki


For decent sushi and crab dishes, try this popular local restaurant on the main street. You can get a jō-nigiri (superior sushi set; ¥3700) or try the crab dishes in winter. It's between Ichi-no-yu and Gosho-no-yu, …
Izakaya in Kinosaki


Rub shoulders with locals at this kindly, tiny izakaya, over a varied menu including kani-kamameshi (crab over steamed rice), kushikatsu (fried skewers), moro-kyu (cucumber with sweet miso), and plenty of sake. Ther…
Cafe in Kinosaki

Caffe Sorella

This simple coffee shop, about 75m north of Kinosaki Station on the main street, is a good place for a cuppa, nice brownies and an internet fix (there's free wi-fi if you order a drink). Order from the picture menu.
Onsen in Tango Peninsula

Ukawa Onsen Yoshino-no-Sato

Ukawa Onsen Yoshino-no-Sato is a fine hot-spring complex built like a contemporary farmhouse with views down to the sea; its restaurant serves casual meals made from local produce.
Temple in Miyama-Chō


Bujō-ji is a shugendo (mountain asceticism) temple that is also called ‘the Northern Omine’, a reference to Mt Omine-san in Nara Prefecture, which is a centre for Japan’s yamabushi (mountain mystics). It’s a 430-ste…
Village in Miyama-Chō


This quiet and tiny village sits on the eastern edge of Miyama-chō, off Rte 38 (take the turning after descending from Sasari-tōge pass). The main attraction is a 4200-hectare virgin forest to the east of the villag…
Noodles in Miyama-Chō


A thatched-roof place that serves simple but tasty noodle dishes and nabe dishes.
Japanese in Miyama-Chō


A wonderfully elegant restaurant occupying a fine thatched-roof house. It’s about half an hour north of the centre of Miyama-chō by car. Reservations are required.