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Further inland the remarkable clifftop temple of Risshaku-ji, above the village of Yamadera, makes a mesmerising day trip from the big cities, while Zaō Onsen, with its dramatic caldera lake, fine hiking trails and challenging ski slopes, attracts a more active wanderer. The coastal train from Tsuruoka to Sakata is utterly charming, as are many train lines weaving through the interior, but renting a car is the best way to explore the region's rural areas.

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3-Night Self-Guided Ski Package at Zao Astrea Resort Hotel in Yamagata

Start your relaxing ski vacation by traveling to Zao Onsen located in Yamagata Prefecture and getting picked up at Zao Bus Terminal/Zao Onsen Terminal heading to the Zao Astrea Resort. The popular Zao Astrea Resort offers easy access to the rope-way and direct access to the ski slopes. This resort also boasts natural onsen (hot spring) as well as spectacular view from the highest elevation of Zao. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view while soaking in the warm hot spring outdoors. In addition, you will experience the wonderful "omotenashi", a unique Japanese word meaning hospitality, from the resort staff and delicious breakfast and dinner using fresh local ingredients that are included in the package.Enjoy ski or snowboard from long downhill courses extending for 10km at their longest, to the "Wall of Yokokura," with its maximum incline of 38 degrees, the winter attractions of Zao are concentrated in these epic and diverse ski slopes. Everyone from beginners to experts can have their fill of winter sports. Have you seen the "Snow Monster (Juhyo in Japanese)" in Yamagata? The frost covered trees called "juhyo" are labeled as the "Snow Monsters". Zao is known throughout the world with large and beautiful juyho and the annual "Zao Juhyo Festival" is a must-see event.

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Mt Haguro Pilgrim Walking Tour

Meet your group at Daishobo, a pilgrim’s lodge located near the foot of Mt. Haguro, outside of Tsuruoka city in Yamagata Prefecture. It's a popular lodge for people from around Japan and the world to come to Mt. Haguro and explore the beautiful trails of Dewa Sanzan. The host of Daishobo is Master Fumihiro Hoshino, respectfully referred to as Hoshino-Sendatsu. He is a fourteenth generation ascetic guide and has led countless visitors and pilgrims through Dewa Sanzan. While pilgrim lodges, referred to in Japanese as shukubo, were, in past years, reserved mostly for insiders, contemporary shukubo have opened up to outsiders to in order to fulfill the growing spiritual needs of lay people seeking to rekindle their bond with nature. Your tour host will accompany you and walk to Haguro-san Gojunoto, a five storied pagoda. Take this opportunity to relax, enjoy the town as well as get to know more about Japanese culture.

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