Seafood in Ogi & Shukunegi


The specialty here is awabi (abalone), grilled as a steak (at market rate) or, more affordably, barbecued with a sweet soy-sauce marinade and served over rice. Follow the shop-lined road snaking up the hill behind t…
Seafood in Aomori


At the start of Shinmachi-dōri, this popular haunt specialises in hotate (scallops) – fried, steamed, in noodles – you name it. Of the more interesting menu items, marucchi tsumire soba features dumplings made from …
Seafood in Ogi & Shukunegi


In little Shukunegi you'll find this spotless, cosy kitchen serving delicious meals made from octopus (tako) and sea snails (sazae). The creamy, yaki sazae karē (fried sea-snail curry, ¥900) and tako kara-age (fried…
Seafood in Sakata

Sakata Kaisen Ichiba

Make a beeline here for fresh-off-the-boat seafood and farm-to-market produce. You can eat at a variety of vendors or grab some sushi and picnic goodies.