Public Art in Echigo-Yuzawa Onsen

Echigo-Tsumari Art Field

This open-air gallery was conceived in 2000 as a way to bring visitors to this enchantingly beautiful rural area of green fields and historical wooden farmhouses. Scattered over 770 sq km you'll find more than...

Historic Building in Niigata

Saito Family Summer Villa

Wander the polished wooden floors of this beautifully preserved Japanese summer house built in 1918, a luscious example of turn-of-the-century Japanese architecture and design. The grounds are home to a beautiful...

Museum in Niigata

Niigata City Art Museum

This petite, elegant museum stages interesting temporary exhibitions by Japanese artists and also has a well-curated permanent collection of local and international works. The on-site organic cafe makes a great...

Viewpoint in Niigata

Nippō Media Ship Sora-no-hiroba

Visit the observation deck on the 20th floor of this skyscraper for amazing 360-degree views over the Sea of Japan, Niigata city and the distant mountains. The elevator is to your right from the main entrance.

Historic Site in Aikawa

Sado Kinzan

You'll have to venture up a steep mountain to access this gold mine, which produced large quantities of gold and silver until its demise in 1989. Descend into the chilly depths, where you'll encounter robots that...

Museum in Echigo-Yuzawa Onsen

Yuzawa Town History Museum

This lovely little museum displays memorabilia from the life of author Kawabata Yasunari, the first Japanese recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, in addition to interesting displays about life in snow...

Museum in Ogi & Shukunegi

Ogi Folk Museum

Come to this former 1920s schoolhouse, saved from demolition to take up a new life as a folk museum, to gawk at all manner of Sado's cultural artefacts (more than 30,000 items) and a life-size replica of a...

Buddhist Temple in Ryōtsu


This rustic wooden temple, with its thatched roof and pleasant gardens, is where the Buddhist monk Nichiren was first brought when exiled to Sado in 1271. Any bus on the Minami line from Ryōtsu can drop you off...

Park in Niigata


Built in 1873 as Japan's first citizen's park, Hakusan-kōen remains a lovely place for a stroll among beautiful, manicured gardens. There's a pond full of koi, a bridge and a shrine.

Tomb in Mano & Sawata

Mano Go-ryō

Pine and cherry trees mark the entrance to this cremation mound, which honours Emperor Juntoku, who was forced into exile on Sado in the early 13th century.

Museum in Aikawa

Sado Hanga-mura Museum

Art lovers shouldn't miss this rambling gallery where local artists display vibrant hanga (woodblock prints) depicting country life in Sado.

Buddhist Temple in Mano & Sawata


Sado-ga-shima's oldest temple (dating from AD 741); although sadly neglected, it's still beautiful.