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Beauty of Tohoku: 2-Days Autumn Leaves Tour of 8 Best Viewing Spots

Day 1: Depart Tokyo Station on the Yamabiko Shinkansen (between 7:10am - 8:30am) to Sendai Station. Once you arrive, you will be picked up by a coach and head to the first of eight popular autumn leaves viewing spots: Geibikei Gorge, designated as a National Special Place of Scenic Beauty and a Natural Monument for its 50m cliff faces, waterfalls and rock formations. Enjoy the contrast of the autumn colored forest and the green stream for 20 minutes. Next up is Hiraizumi, where the famous Chuson-ji Temple is located. Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage, which includes the ancient temple, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll around the precincts of the temple and visit famous Konjikido Golden Hall for approximately 1 hour. The third destination is Hachimantai with arguably the most beautiful gorge in Iwate Prefecture, Matsukawa Gorge. You will have around 40 minutes to enjoy the contrast of the clear water and the bright red and yellow autumnal foliage. Afterwards, head to your accommodation in Odate city through the sightseeing road Hachimantai Aspite Line. Enjoy the dynamic views of the mountainous plateau through the bus window. After checking in, enjoy the various facilities and you are free to choose one of the restaurants around the hotel for dinner (not included in tour price.) Day 2:  After having your buffet breakfast at the hotel, you will visit Hakka Pass Observatory, another popular sightseeing spot that overlooks the magnificent Lake Towada. Spend around 15 minutes looking down on the lake from above before coming down to its surface level. Lake Towada is located 400m above sea level on the border between Aomori and Akita Prefectures. Get a closer look at the yellow beech trees and red Japanese maple trees for about an hour. Moving on, you will head to picturesque Oirase Mountain Stream in Aomori Prefecture. The Oirase Stream is well known for its various majestic waterfalls which you will encounter as you walk along the banks of the stream (30 minutes.) Enjoy the scenery as the bus drives along the pretty Hakkoda-Towada Gold line to Jogakura Bridge in Hakkoda, the longest arch span bridge in Japan with a total length of 360m. Enjoy the breathtaking 360 degree panoramic views of Jogakura Gorge and Hakkoda Mountain Range for about 10 minutes. The final destination is Nakano Momiji Mountain where you will have an hour to enjoy the wonderful view of 100 different varieties of Japanese maple and large cedar trees that are 500-700 years old. Board the bus for the last time as you are taken to Morioka station to travel back to Tokyo on the Yamabiko Shinkansen. Estimated arrival is between 21:00~22:00.