Tourist Information in Ryōtsu

Tourist Information Center

Be sure to stop in here on your way out of the ferry terminal. There's an excellent selection of English maps and pamphlets, including walking and cycling guides for all of the island's main areas. The helpful Engli…
Tourist Information in Echigo-Yuzawa Onsen

Echigo-Yuzawa Tourist Information Center

Friendly, English-speaking staff provide a plethora of English-language maps and brochures, including a 'Gastronomic Guide' to nearby restaurants. Baggage storage is also available (per bag ¥500).
Tourist Information in Tōno

Tourist Information Center

Across from the train station, friendly, helpful staff await your arrival with bicycle rentals (per day ¥1020), English maps and free internet. They can also arrange accommodation in the area.
Tourist Information in Ginzan Onsen

Tourist Office

This small, friendly office has handy English-language maps, information on day-bathing options and bus timetables. It's on your left as you cross the bridge into the village.
Tourist Information in Yonezawa

Tourist Information Center

Staff can advise on local sights and bus timetables. Pick up a copy of the free English-language Yonezawa City Guide Book, which includes a helpful walking map.
Tourist Information in Kakunodate

Tourist Information Center

Pick up very handy English walking maps and store luggage in this small building shaped like a kura (traditional Japanese storehouse) outside the train station.
Tourist Information in Hirosaki

Hirosaki Sightseeing Information Center

Situated inside the Kankōkan (tourism building), you can rent bikes and pick up all manner of English-language materials here. There's also a cafe and a souvenir shop.
Tourist Information in Towada-ko

Tourist Information Center

In a large wooden building near the waterfront. Has English-language pamphlets and maps, and also some interesting displays on the region's flora and fauna.
Tourist Information in Ogi & Shukunegi

Tourist Information Center

Offers English maps and has electric bikes available for hire (two hours/one day ¥500/2000). It's a few minutes' walk west of the bus and ferry terminals.
Tourist Information in Kamaishi & Ōtsuchi

Kamaishi Tourist Information Society

By Kamaishi Station, with friendly staff who speak little English but have excellent literature to disperse on Kamaishi and the surrounding area.