Airport in Asahikawa

Asahikawa Airport

In between Asahikawa and Biei, with flights to/from Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka as well as Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei. Airport shuttle buses (¥620, 30 minutes) run from stop 9 in front of JR Asahikawa Station and are …
Ferry in Wakkanai

Heartland Ferry

Heartland Ferry has sailings to Rishiri-tō and Rebun-tō.
Ferry in Rishiri-tō

Oshidomari Port

Ferry in Rebun-tō

Kafuka Port

Airport in Wakkanai

Wakkanai Airport

Bus Station in Asahikawa

Chūō Bus Asahikawa Terminal

Ferry in Rishiri-tō

Kutsugata Port

Ferry in Wakkanai

Hokkaidō Sakhalin Line