Top Choice Seafood in Rebun-tō

Robata Chidori

Chidori does real robata-yaki, charcoal grilling in a pit built into the table. The speciality of the house is hokke chanchan-yaki (ホッケチャンチャン焼; ¥900) – island-caught Okhotsk atka mackerel grilled with miso. The ika-…
Ramen in Asahikawa

Ramen Aoba

The city's oldest ramen shop (70 years and counting!) serves delicious al dente noodles in a shōyu (soy sauce) seasoned, assari (light) broth – classic Asahikawa-style. The elderly proprietor truly loves foreign cus…
Japanese in Asahikawa

Furarīto Alley

This rambling collection of 18 tiny restaurants runs the length of an alley between 4-jō-dōri and 5-jō-dōri about a 10-minute walk north of the train station. Wander along (loosely translated, furarīto means wander)…
Ramen in Furano

Chīzu Rāmen-no-mise Karin

Testing the adage that everything is better with cheese, Karin adds local Furano cheese to its ramen. Whether that sounds amazing or awful, you know you have to try it! It's in a nondescript brown-and-white building…
Seafood in Rebun-tō

Atoi Shokudō

Run by the island's fishing collective, Atoi serves generously portioned kaisen-don (raw seafood over rice) using locally caught uni (sea urchin) and ebi (shrimp). There's a picture menu.
Seafood in Wakkanai


This popular seafood joint does good-value sushi sets (¥1400 to ¥2900) as well as some seafood-themed variations on classic Japanese dishes: try the tako-shabu (¥2500), which swaps the pork or beef typically used in…
Russian in Wakkanai


If seeing all that Russian on the street signs around Wakkanai has got you hankering for some pelmeni (dumplings) or pirozhki (stuffed buns), Pechika will help you out. It's not terribly authentic, but there's plent…
Japanese Curry in Furano

Kunen-kōbō Yamadori

One of Furano's signature dishes is omu-karē (オムかれー) – rice topped with an omelette surrounded by a moat of Japanese-style curry. Yamadori ups the ante with bacon. It's a cutesy-cool pink farmhouse with white trim a…
Cafe in Rishiri-tō

Tsuki Café

A surprisingly cool little cafe for a ferry terminal, Tsuki serves up coffee, cakes and curries to waiting passengers. The large picture windows look over the port.