Tourist Information in Daisetsu Kōgen Onsen

Brown Bear Information Centre

A must-visit before heading out on the Kōgen-numa Meguri Hike, with info on bears and recent sightings, latest trail conditions and closures, advice and hiking maps in English. Note: there's no phone number. Hikers …
Tourist Information in Sōunkyō Onsen

Sōunkyō Visitor Centre

Near the bottom of the Sōunkyō ropeway, this is an excellent visitor centre with displays, photos and maps (some in English). Run your hiking plans by the helpful staff.
Tourist Information in Rishiri-tō

Oshidomari Tourist Information Office

On the ground floor of the new ferry terminal. Pick up English-language climbing guides, maps and bus schedules. English-speaking staff can also help with bookings.
Tourist Information in Rebun-tō

Tourist Information Counter

Pick up trail maps and bus schedules in English. The staff, who usually speak some English, can assist with bookings, too. Open until the last ferry departs.
Tourist Information in Asahidake Onsen

Asahidake Visitors Centre

There are excellent maps here that the staff will mark with daily track conditions. If you're heading out on a long hike, inform them of your intentions.
Tourist Information in Biei

Biei Tourist Information Office

Pick up the excellent English-language Biei map, which even includes GPS map codes for key viewpoints. To the left as you exit the train station.
Tourist Information in Asahikawa

Tourist Information Counter

Inside JR Asahikawa Station on the ground floor, with English maps, brochures and bus timetables, and helpful English-speaking staff.
Post in Wakkanai

Wakkanai Post Office

If you're heading to Rishiri-tō or Rebun-tō, stock up on cash here, as few places on the islands accept credit cards.
Tourist Information in Furano

Furano International Tourism Centre

Tourist information counter inside the Kitanomine Gondola terminal.
Tourist Information in Furano

Tourist Information Office

Stock up on English maps and pamphlets here, next to JR Furano Station. Staff can also help with bookings.