Top Choice Kaiseki in Nikkō


Splash out on deluxe spreads of vegetarian shōjin-ryōri, featuring local bean curd and vegetables served half a dozen delectable ways, or the kaiseki courses which include fish. The elegant tatami dining room overlo…
Top Choice Vegan in Nikkō


A dedicated young couple dish up lovingly prepared tasty vegan Japanese meals in this former art shop with an amazing painting on its ceiling. Arrive as soon as they open if you want to secure lunch – it's a popular…
Japanese in Nikkō


As this is one of the few small restaurants open later in the evenings, you'll find people queueing for Shiori to open – consider making a reservation. This is a small-plates kind of place, with a tiny dish of otōsh…
Cafe in Nikkō

Hongū Cafe

Refresh with a cup of espresso, or a traditional Japanese dessert set of matcha and yomogi-mochi (mugwort dumplings topped with sweet azuki-bean paste) – it tastes better than it sounds. Set in a refurbished histori…
Yakitori in Nikkō

Hippari Dako

An institution for more than a quarter of a century among foreign travellers, as layers of business cards tacked to the walls testify, this no-frills restaurant serves comfort food, including curry udon, yuba sashim…
Japanese in Nikkō


A faithful picture menu makes ordering simple at this sophisticated arts-and-crafts-style cafe near the top of Nikkō's main drag. The beautifully prepared kaiseki-style lunches are a great deal.