Niigata restaurants

Market in Niigata

Pia Bandai

Conveniently located on the way to the Sado Kisen ferry terminal, this sprawling complex includes markets and eateries – so you can gawk at the bounty of Niigata's coast and sample it, too. If you're in Niigata with…
Fusion in Niigata

Pulp Fiction

This beer-and-bourbon bar's chef sizzles amazing yakitori (chicken, and other meats or vegetables, grilled on skewers), curates cured meat and cheese plates and whips up various fried delicacies to complement the fi…
Fusion in Niigata

Kanda Grill

Yōshoku (Western-style) cuisine is a treat for homesick Japanophiles. This grill house does a good katsu-don (rice topped with a fried pork cutlet) and hamburg teishoku (set meal that involves hamburgers); try the c…