Niigata Prefecture restaurants

Market in Niigata

Pia Bandai

Conveniently located on the way to the Sado Kisen ferry terminal, this sprawling complex includes markets and eateries – so you can gawk at the bounty of Niigata's coast and sample it, too. If you're in Niigata with…
Cafe in Mano & Sawata


On a bend in the road at the southern tip of Mano Bay, this unexpectedly excellent bakery-cafe serves a wide variety of baked goods as well as coffee, cold drinks and ice creams. The outside tables overlooking the w…
Seafood in Ogi & Shukunegi


The speciality here is awabi (abalone), grilled as a steak (at market rate) or, more affordably, barbecued with a sweet soy-sauce marinade and served over rice. Follow the shop-lined road snaking up the hill behind …
Fusion in Niigata

Pulp Fiction

This beer-and-bourbon bar's chef sizzles amazing yakitori (chicken, and other meats or vegetables, grilled on skewers), curates cured meat and cheese plates and whips up various fried delicacies to complement the fi…
Fusion in Niigata

Kanda Grill

Yōshoku (Western-style) cuisine is a treat for homesick Japanophiles. This grill house does a good katsu-don (rice topped with a fried pork cutlet) and hamburg teishoku (set meal that involves hamburgers); try the c…
Soba in Aikawa


Popular with locals, this friendly soba show does a delicious tempura set. From the bus stop, walk north for 200m, turn right in front of the police station and, where the road bends, look for the blue noren (sunsha…
Soba in Echigo-Yuzawa Onsen


Just outside the train station's east exit, on the corner, Kikushin serves delicious soba (hot or cold) and crunchy tempura (including mountain mushrooms) – perfect on a cold day.
Yakitori in Aikawa


Kimpuku operates on a simple premise: few seats, fast service, hot grill, quality meat, succulent sauces. Sado islanders often clock in here when passing through Aikawa.
Udon in Echigo-Yuzawa Onsen


The family at this fabulous little nabe (hotpot) restaurant prepares handmade udon noodles and various small beer-drinking sides. It's intimate and always busy.
Soba in Ogi & Shukunegi


This long-established eatery serves slightly flatter-than-usual teuchi (handmade) soba every which way.