Top choice teahouse in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone

This historic thatched-roofed teahouse, the last of several that once lined the Old Hakone Highway, has been relieving road-weary travellers with amazake (a sweet drink made from rice used to make sake) and seasoned mochi (sticky rice cakes) for more than 360 years. If you visit in the chillier months, you can warm yourself around the irori (sunken fireplace).

Amazake-chaya is about 550m along the cobbled Old Hakone Highway from Moto-Hakone, or take a Hakone-Yumoto–bound bus from Moto-Hakone and get off at the Amazake-chaya stop. The staff will give you some warning when the last bus back to Hakone-Yumoto is approaching (just after 5pm).