Shinto Shrine in Nichinan-kaigan & Cape Toi


Reached via a coastal path, this brightly painted Shintō shrine occupies an open cavern overlooking unusual rock formations in the cove below. It’s protocol to buy five undama (luck stones; ¥100), make a wish, and t…
Island in Nichinan-kaigan & Cape Toi


Just off the coast from Ishinami-kaigan, the tiny island of Kō-jima is home to a group of monkeys that apparently rinse their food in the ocean before eating, but they're a fickle bunch, and hard to spot. Boats can …
Nature Reserve in Nichinan-kaigan & Cape Toi

Cape Toi

Toi-misaki is famed for its wild horses. However, lest you think this is galloping stampede of never-seen-a-human-before stallions, it's not: these 'wild' horses are sedate and well-fed. The reserve also boasts a dr…