Top things to do in Narita

Japanese in Narita

Kawatoyo Honten

Sample unagi (freshwater eel) here, grilled on hot coals and served in lacquered boxes over rice. Eel numbers have plunged in recent years, and the species is endangered, but if you are keen to sample this Narita sp…
Street in Narita


Local ordinances have preserved the traditional architectural look of Narita's main shopping drag as it winds its way towards the Narita-san Shinshōji. Along the sinuous path you'll find souvenir, craft and medicina…
Buddhist Temple in Narita

Narita-san Shinshōji

The landscaped grounds of this venerable temple, founded in 940, are among the largest in Japan, and are laced with walking paths. The temple buildings are splendid, particularly the Niomon entrance gate and three-s…
Cultural in Narita

Narita Gion Matsuri

Going strong for over 300 years, the town's major festival features a parade of mikoshi (portable shrines) and large floats, embarking from Narita-san Shinshōji and drawing crowds of around 450,000. It's held on the…
Bar in Narita

Jet Lag Club

Run by a former flight attendant and usually packed with a mix of flight crew and locals, this bar is a lively spot to get your bearings – or lose them. Plane spotters will love the array of aviation memorabilia – i…
Pub in Narita

Barge Inn

A sprawling British-style pub with beers on tap, pub grub like pies and fish and chips, pool tables, a friendly international vibe and a big downstairs dance floor.
Japanese in Narita

Edoko Sushi

Near the train station end of Omote-sandō is this locally-regarded and reasonably priced sushi joint with an English-speaking chef.
Museum in Narita

Tourist Pavilion

Halfway down Omote-sandō, this museum has local-history exhibits, as well as some of the floats used in the Narita Gion Matsuri (the town's major festival) on display.