Nara drinking and nightlife

Teahouse in Nara


In a small, wooded, brookside clearing between Nigatsu-dō and Kasuga Taisha, this quaint thatched-roof teahouse is one of Nara's most atmospheric spots. Stop by for a cup of matcha (¥700 including a sweet), onigiri …
Bar in Nara

Nara Izumi Yūsai

Drop in on this small standing bar in Naramachi for tastings (¥200 to ¥600) of sakes produced in Nara Prefecture (120 varieties from 29 makers, also available for purchase). There's a useful English explanation shee…
Juice Bar in Nara

Drink Drank

Fresh fruit smoothies are just what you need on a hot day of temple touring. The seasonal ones (melon in summer or persimmon in fall, for example, are the best). There's also a small cafe space serving light meals l…