Tourist Information in Nara

Nara Visitor Center & Inn

This visitor centre on the southern side of Sarusawa-ike has English-speaking staff and plenty of useful info. It also offers cultural experiences, including free origami lessons and, on Wednesday, a 45-minute tea c…
Tourist Information in Nara

Nara City Tourist Information Center

Located in the old Nara Station building, just outside the east exit of JR Nara Station. This is the city's main tourist-information centre and English speakers are usually on hand. You can store luggage here (¥600 …
Tourist Information in Nara

Kintetsu Nara Station Information Office

If you're arriving at Kintetsu Nara Station, get maps and info here, at the top of the stairs above exit 3 from the station.
Post in Nara

Higashi-muki Post Office

For postage and an ATM that works with both domestic and international bankcards.