Cultural in Nara


In early January (the day before Seijin-no-hi or Coming-of-Age Day) , the Grass Burning Festival commemorates a feud many centuries ago between the monks of Tōdai-ji and Kōfuku-ji: Wakakusa-yama is set alight at 6pm…
Cultural in Nara


Held in early February at Kasuga Taisha at 6pm, the Lantern Festival involves the lighting of 3000 stone and bronze lanterns around Kasuga Taisha – it's impossibly atmospheric. A bugaku dance takes place in the Appl…
Cultural in Nara


Every evening from 1 March to 14 March, the monks of Tōdai-ji parade huge flaming torches around the balcony of Nigatsu-dō and rain down embers on the spectators to purify them. On the evening of 12 March, the monks…
Dance in Nara

Takigi Onō

Open-air performances of nō (stylised dance-drama) are held after dark by the light of blazing torches at Kōfuku-ji and Kasuga Taisha, on the third Friday and Saturday of March.
Cultural in Nara


Those deer in Nara-kōen are pursued in a type of elegant rodeo into the Roku-en (deer enclosure) close to Kasuga Taisha on the second Saturday, Sunday and the following Monday in October. They are then wrestled to t…