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Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Nara


Nara's star attraction is the famous Daibutsu (Great Buddha), centrepiece of this grand temple on the Unesco World Heritage List, with origins going back to AD 728. The Daibutsu statue itself is one of the largest b…
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Kasuga Taisha

Founded in the 8th century, this sprawling shrine, on the Unesco World Heritage List, lies at the foot of a deeply forested hill, where herds of sacred deer await handouts. Until the end of the 19th century, Kasuga …
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Nara


Hōryū-ji was founded in 607 by Prince Shōtoku, considered by many to be the patron saint of Japanese Buddhism. It's a veritable shrine to Shōtoku, renowned not only as the oldest temple in Japan, but also as a repos…
Top Choice Museum in Nara

Nara National Museum

This world-class museum of Buddhist art is divided into two sections. Built in 1894 and strikingly renovated in 2016, the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall & Ritual Bronzes Gallery displays a rotating selection of ab…
Buddhist Temple in Nara


Another of Nara's sights on the Unesco World Heritage List, this temple was founded in Kyoto in AD 669 and relocated here in 710. The original Nara temple complex had 175 buildings, and although only a dozen remain …
Buddhist Temple in Nara


Another Nara site on the Unesco World Heritage List, this temple houses some of the most beautiful Buddhist statues in all Japan. It was established by Emperor Temmu in 680 as a prayer for the healing of his wife. W…
Buddhist Temple in Nara


This temple was established in 759 by the Chinese priest Ganjin (Jian Zhen), who had been recruited by Emperor Shōmu to reform Buddhism in Japan. The temple grounds are pleasantly wooded and mossy, making a good con…
Buddhist Temple in Nara

Kōfuku-ji Five-Storey Pagoda

Japan's second-tallest pagoda, dating from 1426.
Buddhist Temple in Nara

Nigatsu-dō & Sangatsu-dō

These sub-temples of Tōdai-ji are uphill from the Daibutsu-den and far less clamorous. Climb a lantern-lined staircase to Nigatsu-dō, a national treasure from 1669 (originally built c 750). Though the interior is pr…
Gardens in Nara

Isui-en & Neiraku Art Museum

This exquisite, contemplative Meiji-era garden features abundant greenery, ponds and walkways with stepping stones designed for each to be observed as you walk, to appreciate their individual beauty. For ¥850 you ca…