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Naoshima 1-Day Private tour

The art of Naoshima is mainly modern art. Architecture works by architects such as Mr. Tadao Ando, Mr. Kazuhiro Ishii, SANAA, Mr. Hiroshi Mikami, etc. are scattered throughout the island. Of course, there are many elements that can be enjoyed not only in art and architecture but also in nature, street scenes, and interaction with locals.
8 hours
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1-day cycling tour at Naoshima

History of Benesse Art Site NaoshimaBenesse Art Site Naoshima's origin can be traced back to the overlapping vision of two men.Tetsuhiko Fukutake, the founding president of Fukutake Publishing, who aspired to create a place in the Seto Inland Sea where children from all over the world could gather; and Chikatsugu Miyake, then incumbent mayor of Naoshima, who dreamt of developing a cultural and educational area on the island.The project's history, spanning over a period of approximately 30 years.
8 hours