Cultural in Nagoya

World Cosplay Summit

If you're in Nagoya in July or August, be sure to see if your stay coincides with some of the events of this truly unique visual feast, when cosplayers (costume players) and anime (Japanese animation) fans from arou…
Parade in Nagoya

Nagoya Matsuri

Nagoya's big bash takes place in Hisaya-ōdōri-kōen (Central Park). Celebrating Nagoya's 'three heroes', the lively procession includes costumes, karakuri ningyō (marionette) floats, folk dancing and decorated cars.
Sports in Nagoya

Grand Sumō Tournament Nagoya

One of six annual sumo championship tournaments, Nagoya Basho is held over two weeks in July at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium. Arrive early in the afternoon to watch the lower-ranked wrestlers up close.
Parade in Nagoya

Minato Matsuri

Held around 'Ocean Day' (the third Monday in July), this street festival in Nagoya Port features a parade, dancing, fireworks and a water-logging contest dating back to the Edo period.
Cultural in Nagoya

Atsuta Matsuri

The largest and most auspicious celebration held at Atsuta-jingū, with parades, martial-arts displays and fireworks.