Top Choice Museum in Nagoya

JR SCMAGLEV & Railway Park

Trainspotters will be in heaven at this fantastic hands-on museum. Featuring actual maglev (the world's fastest train – 581km/h), shinkansen, historical rolling stock and rail simulators, the massive museum offers a…
Top Choice Gallery in Nagoya

Tokugawa Art Museum

A must for anyone interested in Japanese culture and history, this museum has a collection of over 10,000 pieces that includes National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties once belonging to the shogun family…
Museum in Nagoya

Toyota Exhibition Hall

See up to 20 shiny examples of the latest automotive technology hot off the production line and witness first-hand how they're made here at Toyota's global HQ. Fascinating two-hour tours of Toyota Motor Corporation'…
Museum in Nagoya

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry & Technology

The world's largest car manufacturer had humble beginnings in the weaving industry. This interesting museum occupies the site of Toyota's original weaving plant. Revheads will find things textile heavy before warmin…
Museum in Nagoya

Nagoya City Science Museum

This hands-on museum claims the world's largest dome-screen planetarium with some seriously out-of-this-world projection technology. There's also a tornado lab and a deep-freeze lab complete with indoor aurora. Desp…
Museum in Nagoya

Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts

This collaborative effort between Japanese backers and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston showcases an impressive collection of Japanese and international masterpieces.
Castle in Nagoya


The original structure, built between 1610 and 1614 by Tokugawa Ieyasu for his ninth son, was levelled in WWII. Today's castle is a concrete replica (with elevator) completed in 1959. Renovations are ongoing. On the…
Shinto Shrine in Nagoya


Although the current buildings were completed in 1966, Atsuta-jingū has been a shrine for over 1900 years and is one of the most sacred Shintō shrines in Japan. Nestled among ancient cypress, it houses the sacred ku…
Gallery in Nagoya

International Design Centre Nagoya

Housed in the swooping Nadya Park complex is this secular shrine to the deities of conceptualisation, form and function. Everything from art deco to postmodernism, Electrolux to Isamu Noguchi, Arne Jacobsen to the M…
Gardens in Nagoya

Noritake Garden

Pottery fans will enjoy a stroll around Noritake Garden, the 1904 factory grounds of one of Japan's best-known porcelain makers, featuring remnants of early kilns and the pleasant Noritake Gallery. You can also glaz…