Internet in Nagoya

Nagoya International Centre

This not-for-profit organisation provides information, consultation and referral services in English. There's also an internet corner on the 3rd floor (¥100 per 15 minutes) and a library with over 30,000 items in va…
Medical in Nagoya

Aichi Prefectural Emergency Medical Guide

Phone or follow the English link on this prefectural homepage for a list of medical institutions with English-speaking staff, including specialities and hours of operation.
Tourist Information in Gujō-Hachiman

Tourist Association

Pick up a walking map in English or rent a bicycle (per hour/day ¥300/1500) from this tourist office, located by Shin-bashi. Self-guided walking tours can be found online.
Booking Service in Gifu

Cormorant Fishing Viewing Boat Office

This is the booking office for the ukai (cormorant fishing) sightseeing boats, which depart from below Nagara-bashi; reservations by phone are strongly advised.
Tourist Information in Gifu

Tourist Information Center

Within Gifu Station, friendly staff here can direct you to maps, accommodation and bicycle rentals (¥100 per day).
Medical in Nagoya

Tachino Clinic

This medical clinic a short walk from Nagoya Station has English-speaking staff.
Post in Nagoya

JR Towers Post Office

Within the JR Station complex, on the Sakura-dōri side.
Tourist Information in Nagoya

Tourist Information Center (Nagoya Station)

Tourist Information in Nagoya

Tourist Information Center (Sakae)

Tourist Information in Inuyama

Inuyama Station Tourist Information Center