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Inuyama and the nearby area has some excellent historical attractions, including a wonderful original hilltop castle, while Tokoname is a must for pottery lovers. Almost a suburb of Nagoya, but a city in its own right, lovely Gifu is a good alternative base to Nagoya if you want to be close to the city but not right in the heart of the action.

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$88.97 Private & Custom Tours

Nagoya Private Walking Tour

On this one day walking tour, you will visit Nagoya's best attractions with a professional guide. You will be introduced to the highlights of the Nagoya Castle, the Sakae downtown area, and the Osu district. At the end of the day, you will know a lot more about Japan's samurai history and the lifestyle of the local people. Itinerary:9:00am - Pick up from the Nagoya Station's Tourism Information Office, then take the subway to Nagoya Castle9:45am - See the Nagoya Castle, a wonderful masterpiece of Japanese medieval architecture, that is famous for its golden roof ornaments and unique scroll paintings inside the recently renovated main palace. After strolling around the spacious castle complex, you will take the subway to Nagoya's heart, the Sakae district.11am - 1pm - Explore Sakae's downtown area and visit the futuristic-looking landmark Oasis 21 where you will find plenty of restaurants and shops. Have lunch and taste delicious local specialties. See Nagoya TV Tower before taking the subway to your next destination.1pm - Go to Osu Shopping District and enter various local shops along the roof-covered arcade, including green tea shops, pachinko parlors, maid cafes, and pop-culture shops. You will also visit the splendid Osu Kannon Temple that stands at the end of the arcade.3:30pm - End of the tourThis tour operates in ENGLISH. On some occasions, a Mandarin or French guide might be available. Please contact the supplier for availability.

$77.17 Day Trips & Excursions

Day Trip to Shirakawago and Hida Takayama from Nagoya

Meet your tour conductor and fellow passengers at the designated meeting point and then pop onto the comfortable tour bus which will take you to Hida Takayama, around 2.5 hours away. Enjoy the city landscape gradually change to the rugged mountains as you near the first destination. At Hida Takayama, you will head to the main street and a chance to stretch your legs. There, you will be have around an hour and a half of free time to enjoy the unique streets known as "Little Kyoto" by the locals. The nickname is duly deserved as the well-preserved historic district of the castle town full of old buildings from the Edo period indeed looks like a miniature version of Kyoto. After working up a hunger, it’s time for lunch and a rest for 50 minutes. On the menu are local ingredients centered on Hida beef. During the summer/autumn departures dates (July 20 – October 17), the beef will be served shabu-shabu style accompanied by miso and soy sauce marinated Keichan chicken grilled with vegetables. For later departure dates in autumn/winter (starting from October 20), the meal will be a sukiyaki set meal.With satisfied bellies, pop onto the bus again to head to the most famous travel spot in the area, the World Heritage site of Shirakawa-go. The village is renowned for its “Gassho-zukuri” style thatched-roof farmhouses, referring to the shape of the roof that looks like a person's hands held together in prayer. You have an ample one hour and 40 minutes to fully appreciate what rural life in Japan must have been like. The unique village looks stunning all-year round from blooming flowers in the spring and summer, autumn foliage in the autumn and snow in the winter.The tour ends at this point and the coach will return to Nagoya with an estimated arrival time of 19:30. This tour is also available as a private charter plan. For further details please click the link below.  https://www.viator.com/tours/Nagoya/8-hour-Private-Chartered-Taxi-Plan-to-Shirakawago-and-Hida-Takayama-from-Nagoya/d4701-17229P78

$116.20 Cultural & Theme Tours

Kiyosu Samurai Walking Tour and Kirin Brewery Visit

A long time ago, Kiyosu was one of the three major cities in Japan. On this tour, you will learn why. Explore the rich heroic history of Kiyosu city and Kiyosu castle, become a certified samurai, visit Hiyoshi Shrine, meet a Samurai Armor Maker, and learn all about Samurai Lives in the Feudal Japan. At the end of the tour, you will be able to conclude with a 45 minute tour of the Kirin Beer Factory with 3 complimentary glasses of the finest Japanese beer. Sample Itinerary (exact times vary depending on circumstances):9:30am - Meet your guide at the Nagoya Station and head to Kiyosu- Visit Hiyoshi Shrine - Kiyosu Castle - Try Samurai Armor and receive Samurai Certificate- Have coffee at Noa cafe (warning: unavailable on Tuesdays and some irregular closing days)- Meet Samurai Armor Maker- Enjoy tour of Kirin Beer Factory- Have three complimentary glasses of fine Japanese beer4:00pm - You will arrive back in Nagoya around 4:00 PMPlease note:  This tour requires 10-15 min walking between several points each, so please wear comfortable shoes. Summer in Japan is very hot and this tour requires a lot of walking outside, so please be prepared for the hot weather. If you are unable to walk in the heat, please let us know at time of booking. 

$22.70 Cultural & Theme Tours

Japanese Food Sample Making in Nagoya

Try your hand at creating your own food sample art in Nagoya! On this tour, you will create food replica art at a food sample maker lab in central Nagoya. These replicas, familiar to showcases in front of restaurants in Japan, almost look like real food. During this program, you can make your own version of tempura using wax which is the original material food samples were made with, and after you are done, take it home as souvenirs. After your experience, you can also look at the craftsmen making various food replica art at the lab. They have various kinds of plastic food samples for sale as well.

$289.60 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Tateyama Kurobe Route: Shirakawago, Hida-Takayama from Nagoya

Day 1: After meeting with your tour conductor, you will head to Hida Takayama by bus. It will take almost 3 hours but it will be a comfortable ride. You will have around 2 hours to explore the quaint old streets of the merchant town from the Edo period, which is also known as "Little Kyoto". Also have lunch independently in a local restaurant while strolling, as lunch is not included. If you want to save time for more sightseeing, a lunch box is available if ordered at least 7 days in advance, for an additional fee (JPY 1,000 tax included). Please pay the lunch box fee to a tour conductor in cash on the tour day. The next destination is Shirakawago, a place that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Shirakawago is famous for the farmhouses that represent Japanese traditional architecture. The structure of the houses is called “Gassho-zukuri”, which refers to the shape of the roof that looks like a person's hands put together for praying. You will spend about 90 minutes there walking around and taking pictures before heading to your accommodation in Toyama prefecture. Your accommodation will be at APA Hotel Toyama. After arriving, enjoy your dinner individually in one of the local restaurants of your choice near Toyama Station, as the dinner is not included in the tour fee. Day 2: After your breakfast at the hotel, you will visit Nagano prefecture, where you can enjoy snow even during the spring in Japan. The first stop in Nagano prefecture is Tateyama; from here, it takes you only 7 minutes by cable car to go to Bijodaira. Once you arrive at Bijodaira, you will ride on another highland-exclusive bus to go to Murodo, where the Snow Wall Otani is located. You will be able to see the snow wall from late April to middle of June (until 22nd June in 2018).  After taking your time to feel the cold, brisk air and walk around at the Snow Wall, you will ride on a bus to head to Daikanbo. At Daikanbo, you will take the rope way for about 7 minutes to get to Kurobedaira. Then, you will change to a cable car for 5 minutes to go to lake Kurobe. At lake Kurobe, you will have the opportunity to walk around and see Kurobe dam, a giant hydropower plant, which is very popular for its extraordinary view. After 15 minutes of strolling at Kurobe dam, you will be taken to Ogizawa and then Azumino by bus. Azumino, where you will be able enjoy shopping, is the last destination of the tour. At the end of the tour, you will go back and stop at Nagoya station at around 20:20.

$59.01 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Nagoya Yanagibashi Fish Market and Sushi Private Morning Tour

On this tour, you will take a morning walk through sleepy Nagoya to the fish market and see the freshly-caught fish being sold and prepared for the restaurants and shops for the day. Founded over 100 years ago, the market has over 400 stalls and shops and provides seafood for the entire city. You will see giant Maguro (tuna) being sliced with huge knives and special machines, some fugu (poisonous blowfish) being prepared by the professional cooks, and many other types of fish and seafood of all varieties being sold there (fugu is usually caught in cold months). You will also be able to buy some seafood and other goods such as pickles, seaweed, senbei (rice crackers), and more. After the tour of the fish market, you will have the choice to either be taken to the sushi restaurant nearby serving the fresh fish from the market or buy some fish at the market and head back to the Nishiasahi guest house to enjoy a sushi cooking class where your guide will teach you how to properly prepare rice, miso soup, and Sushi ingredients to make the perfect nigiri-zushi. After the cooking class, you will be able to make great sushi anywhere, anytime.Tour itinerary:Without cooking class:7am - Meet at Nagoya Station, walk to the market7:20am - Arrive at the market and stroll around with your guide8am - Breakfast (at your own expense)8:40am - Shop for souvenirs9am - End of the tourWith cooking class:7am - Meet at Nagoya Station, walk to the market7:20am - Arrive at the market and stroll around with your guide, pickup fish8am - Walk to Nishiasahi8:15am - Start cooking9am - Breakfast 9:30am - End of the tour

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