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Top Choice Park in Nagasaki

Peace Park

North of the hypocentre, the Peace Park is presided over by the 10-tonne bronze Nagasaki Peace Statue, designed in 1955 by Kitamura Seibō. It also includes the dove-shaped Fountain of Peace (1969), and the Peace Sym…
Top Choice Museum in Nagasaki

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

An essential Nagasaki experience, this sombre place recounts the city's destruction and loss of life through photos and artefacts, including mangled rocks, trees, furniture, pottery and clothing, a clock stopped at …
Top Choice Memorial in Nagasaki

Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims

Adjacent to the Atomic Bomb Museum and completed in 2003, this minimalist memorial by Kuryū Akira is a profoundly moving place. It is best approached by quietly reading the carved inscriptions and walking around the…
Top Choice Historic Site in Nagasaki


In 1641, the Tokugawa shogunate banished all foreigners from Japan, with one exception: Dejima, a fan-shaped, artificial island 560m in circumference (15,000 sq metres) in Nagasaki harbour. From then until the 1850s…
Top Choice Chinese in Nagasaki

Butaman Momotaro

These small, mouth-watering dumplings are a Nagasaki standard, and family-run Butaman Momotaro has been making them since 1960. Grab a couple of these tasty treats for breakfast, lunch, a snack, dinner, or after a l…
Top Choice Kaiseki in Nagasaki

Shippoku Hamakatsu

Come here if you would like to experience shippoku-ryōri and still afford your airfare home. Course menus are filling and varied (the Otakusa Shippoku is served on a dramatic round tray). In addition, there is a cho…
Top Choice Japanese in Nagasaki

Organic Restaurant Tia

In a new location, Tia serves mouth-watering home-style Japanese cooking made with local, organic products. It's on the 2nd floor, with an entry that's easy to miss on the corner of the Links Ginza Bldg.
Top Choice Shinto Shrine in Nagasaki


Situated on a forested hilltop and reached via multiple staircases, this enormous shrine was established in 1625. Around the grounds are statues of komainu (protective dogs), including the kappa-komainu (water-sprit…
Top Choice Museum in Nagasaki

Nagasaki Museum of History & Culture

This large museum with attractive displays opened in 2005 to focus on Nagasaki's proud history of international exchange. The main gallery is a fabulous reconstruction of a section of the Edo-period Nagasaki Magistr…
Park in Nagasaki

Atomic Bomb Hypocentre Park

One of the must-see sites for anyone coming to the city for its historic value. The park has a smooth, black-stone column marking the point above which the bomb exploded. Nearby are bomb-blasted relics, including a …