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Food in Nagasaki


Among the new restaurants sits this stalwart, in business since 1624, and a must for history buffs and those with a taste for Japanese sweets. Individually wrapped slices of castella (dense sponge cake) make great g…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Nagasaki

Hibakusha no Mise

It's not that the snacks, candy, castella (dense sponge cake), toys and trinkets are so unique – or great, for that matter. It's that this gift shop adjacent to Peace Park donates its profits to hibakusha (atomic-bo…
Shopping Centre in Nagasaki

Hamanmachi Shopping Arcade

Some 700 businesses, from department stores to speciality boutiques and electronics outlets, populate these covered streets near Shianbashi.
Mall in Nagasaki

Amu Plaza

Beside JR Nagasaki Station, Amu Plaza has a surprisingly varied restaurant arcade.
Mall in Nagasaki

Mirai Nagasaki Cocowalk

Shopping mall and restaurants, with a Ferris wheel on top.