Food in Nagasaki


Among the new restaurants sits this stalwart, in business since 1624, and a must for history buffs and those with a taste for Japanese sweets. Bite-size cube options are perfect for gifts.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Nagasaki

Hibakusha no Mise

It's not that the snacks, candy, Castella cakes, toys and trinkets are so unique – or great, for that matter. It's that this gift shop adjacent to Peace Park donates its profits to hibakusha (atomic-bomb survivor) o…
Mall in Nagasaki

Amu Plaza

Beside JR Nagasaki Station, Amu Plaza has a surprisingly varied restaurant arcade.
Mall in Nagasaki

Mirai Nagasaki Cocowalk

Shopping mall and restaurants, with a Ferris wheel on top.
Shopping Centre in Nagasaki

With Nagasaki

One of Nagasaki's landmark shopping complexes.