Taste Local Life : Nagasaki's Historical Street Walking Tour

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This is a 3.5 hour walking tour with a local guide around specialized around Nagasaki’s Temple street, Nakadori shopping area and Eyeglass bridge. Nagasaki City is located in the northwest coast of Kyushu and has a unique natural landscape with many harbors and hills surrounding it. Nagasaki is a port city where the west of Japan flourished in economical trades with China and Europe since ancient times. It is also known as an atomic bomb city where the Allied Army dropped an atomic bomb in August 1945. The city continues to share and strive for the importance of abolishing nuclear weapons and permanent peace to the world after the Second World War.
After meeting up with your guide at Nagasaki station, we will head towards Shofukuji by tram. Shofukuji is a Rinzai temple built in the Nanchuan architectural style of China in 1629. Daimon Gate, Daeleon Hall (The Main Hall) is designated as a National Important Cultural Property of National Treasures. All of the Vermilion gates and buildings of “Sanmon, Gohodo, Shokoro and Maso-gate” are full of spectacular colors. After visiting shofukuji, we will go through Temple Street where majestic temples surround Kofukuji. In front of the Kofukuji Temple, there are old Tanida mansion gates which have a richly colored Maso-hole, red painted bell-droll (Shokoro), and a must see treasure of the cultural heritage. In addition, Kofukuji is also the birthplace of Japanese kidney beans, Mincho kanji characters, Kofukuji dining tables and so on. After Kofukuji, we will expeller the middle-aged shopping street with the oldest history of Nagasaki city. The shopping district features special chocolate made from various Japanese materials such as soba, soy sauce, miso, ome, etc. There are also many antique items from all over the country such as Kyohohina-dolls and Imari, which were made from the Edo period. There are many attractive shops such as a famous chocolate shop known as “Cacao Denraisho”, a castle selling sweets known as “Iwanaga Baijuken” and much more. You can do some window shopping while enjoying the local atmosphere. There are many snack and sweet take-out places available as well. After enjoying the stroll in the shopping street, we will visit the “Spectacles Bridge” which is said to be one of Nagasaki’s best landmarks. The Spectacles Bridge is the oldest arcuate stone bridge in existence born in 1634. During that time, it was considered part of the Kofukuji entrance for the native Chinese. The heart-shaped stone wall is regarded as a wonderful spot embedded with the revetment of the Nakajima river. Let’s enjoy the spectacle as we cross the bridge together. Towards the end of the tour, we will visit the oldest tortoiseshell store in Japan, “Ezaki Store” which is over 300 years old. The store has currently been designated to hold many registered tangible cultural assets of the country. Many shrines of the Imperial Household Agency store many tortoiseshell products of the Imperial Family here. Since Nagasaki’s port had opened up to the Russian’s during the 19th century, there are also many Russian customers in the past that have also visited this location. You can also visit the manufacturing area inside of the store. These are some places of Nagasaki which you wont find in a guide book, be like the local people on this tour with us.

What’s included

  • Walking tour
  • Professional guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Local taxes

What’s not included

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Food and drinks