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Visit Gunkanjima island, the Battleship island, in Nagasaki

In this tour, you will have a chance to visit Gunkanjima island, the battleship island by cruising from Nagasaki city.
3 hours
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Chinese festival originates, but it is the only rare festival in Japan where 1 million people visit from across the country .
10 hours
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Private Full-Day Nagasaki Tour by Public Transport

See the highlights of Nagasaki on an 8-hour guided tour with transportation by public transit system. Visit the Nagasaki Peace Park, the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, go to the former settlement of Dutch traders, journey back to the Edo era at Dejima, and more. Private tour is limited to a maximum of ten people. Please advise your desired departure location upon booking.
8 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Private Nagasaki Custom Full-Day Tour by Chartered Vehicle

As one of Japan's closest port cities to the Asian mainland, Nagasaki has played a prominent role in foreign trade relations for many centuries and was the most important of only a very few ports open to restricted numbers of foreign traders during Japan's period of isolation. That is why Nagasaki has harmonize with exotic atmosphere.
8 hours
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Taste Local Life : Nagasaki's Historical Street Walking Tour

This is a 3.5 hour walking tour with a local guide around specialized around Nagasaki’s Temple street, Nakadori shopping area and Eyeglass bridge. Nagasaki City is located in the northwest coast of Kyushu and has a unique natural landscape with many harbors and hills surrounding it. Nagasaki is a port city where the west of Japan flourished in economical trades with China and Europe since ancient times. It is also known as an atomic bomb city where the Allied Army dropped an atomic bomb in August 1945. The city continues to share and strive for the importance of abolishing nuclear weapons and permanent peace to the world after the Second World War.
3.5 hours
Tours & Sightseeing

Nagasaki Audio Tour

Download a vibrantly-narrated mp3 audio guide combined with a map detailing the area of your tour.Along this guided tour of the beautiful Nagasaki you will see the resilience and tenacity of the Nagasaki people and how crucial the city and they have been to the History of Japan. You will discover beauty in Glover Gardens and sorrow throughout the multiple World War II bombing memorials on this tour such as the Atomic Bomb Museum and Atomic Bomb hypocenter.
3 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Tinian Enola Gay to Hiroshima tour

Tinian is Saipan's sister island and is the site from where the Enola Gay took off on its fateful Nagasaki and Hiroshima attack missions. It would be a shame as well as a missed opportunity to come all the way out here to this remote region of the western Pacific and NOT set foot on this island of major historical significance. We'll see the actual runway from which the B-29 bombers took off, the bomb pits, replicas of the bombs, as well as structures built during the Japanese era, and local cultural sites as well. You'll be among the very few people around the world who have set foot on Tinian and relived the world-changing event in which it plays a major--but often overlooked--part. The cost includes round trip airfare, transportation and transfer on both islands.
6 hours
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General Admission to Huis Ten Bosch park in Nagasaki

Huis Ten Bosch, which located in Sasebo City, Nagasaki County, is a theme park that offers the middle ages Holland, wholly intact the image of a "small Europe". There are beautiful canals, amusement facilities, museums, shops, restaurants. In particular, its flower festival and colorful King National Day, it was crowned as one of the three major theme parks in Japan. Every street has different restaurants from allover the world.
1 day
Private & Custom Tours

Nagasaki Like a Local: Customized Private Tour

Get to know the city through the eyes of a passionate local. With no set itinerary, you can customize the tour or leave it up to the local for an insightful introduction to the city. Make travel about the people you meet not just the places you see.
6 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour - Specialities from all over Japan in Nihonbashi

Enjoy sushi, Japanese sake, udon and craft from all over Japan! In the Edo period (1603-1868), goods from all over Japan were traded in Nihonbashi. The river that runs through the town brought goods and traffic through its port. In the Showa period (1926-89), the first Japanese department store opened here, but the number of shops that sold regional specialties gradually decreased over the years. Recently, the attraction of regional specialties has been reaffirmed and shops that handle such products are increasing in number again.
4 hours