Top Choice Fusion in Nagano

Fujiya Gohonjin

Until recently this imposing 1923 building was Nagano's most venerable Hotel Fujiya, and had been since 1648. It has since been transformed into the city's most elegant Western restaurant and function centre. The sp…
Noodles in Nagano


Fujiki-an has been making fresh soba in the north of Nagano Prefecture since 1827, but you wouldn't know it by the clean contemporary lines of this outlet. There's a picture menu. Seiro-mori soba (cold soba on a bam…
Cafe in Nagano

India the Spice

This eccentric cafe is festooned with every kind of wall clock imaginable, and specialises in variations on the theme of curry; lunch set menus include omu-karē (rice wrapped in an omelette in keema curry sauce). Go…
Thai in Nagano

Asian Night Market

This hippie joint is part boutique, selling clothes and knick-knacks from Southeast Asia, and part bar-restaurant, with English-speaking staff serving sumptuous Thai food. There's also free wi-fi. You can view the m…
Japanese in Nagano


A stone's throw from Zenkō-ji on Nakamise-dōri, unassuming Marusei serves soba and tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlets) among other dishes; the generous Marusei bentō (boxed meal; ¥1350) lets you try both.
Japanese in Nagano


This establishment has been serving seiro-mushi (ingredients steamed in a wood and bamboo box) for over 150 years. The standard is monzen seiro-mushi (local beef and vegetables). For dessert, try kuri-an cream (ches…
Ramen in Nagano

Ramen Miso-ya

Part of a ramen chain growing in popularity, this branch a short walk from Nagano Station is always heaving with diners slurping away at the miso-ey goodness. Expect to wait a few minutes for a spot at the counter.
Fast Food in Nagano

Hawaiian Diner Mountain Q

This popular fast-food joint might be too colourful for some, but if you're travelling with kids, they'll be sure to love absolutely everything about it: from the lashings of pastel on the walls to the curly fries a…