Nagano Region drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in Nagano

James' Nagano Beer Market

This extremely popular beer-hall-type place is upstairs only a couple of minutes' walk from Nagano Station. Plenty of beer and wine from around the globe are on offer, but tops are the Shiga Kōgen Highland Ales from…
Top Choice Craft Beer in Nozawa Onsen


Smack in the middle of the village, Libushi is Nozawa Onsen's very own artisan brewery. With a taproom up front, a brewery out the back and a very innovative attitude, this outfit is coming up with some intriguing o…
Top Choice Pub in Nagano

Shinshū Nagaya Sakaba

This lively izakaya (pub-restaurant) isn't far from the station and should be on your to-do list. You'll spot it by all the sake barrels plastered around the corner building – bring your sake-tasting gear because yo…
Bar in Nozawa Onsen


This cosy basement bar is open late and run by a music-loving Japanese man who has lived abroad. He's especially keen on Jackson Browne's 1977 classic 'Stay' – hence the name of the bar.
Pub in Nagano

Izakaya Hanbey

The Nagano branch of this izakaya (pub-restaurant) chain, plastered with Shōwa-era movie posters and advertisements, is particularly cool, as are the inexpensive all-you-can-drink courses. The amusing English menu f…
Bar in Nozawa Onsen

Main Street Bar Foot

This casual place on the main street goes off in winter once the lifts are closed for the day. There are big-screen TVs, lots of beer on tap and foosball.