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Shinto Shrine in Nachi & Kii-katsuura

Kumano Nachi Taisha

The Shintō shrine Nachi Taisha, near the waterfall Nachi-no-taki, was built in homage to the waterfall's kami (spirit god). It's one of the three great shrines of the Kii Peninsula, and worth the climb up the steep …
Waterfall in Nachi & Kii-katsuura


At 133m, Nachi-no-taki is Japan's highest waterfall. Visit it in conjunction with Nachi Taisha, the Shintō shrine to the waterfall.
Buddhist Temple in Nachi & Kii-katsuura


Next to the Shintō shrine Nachi Taisha is this fine old Buddhist temple; the gong above the offering box in the main hall is the largest in Japan, a gift from Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
Cultural in Nachi & Kii-katsuura

Nachi-no-Ōgi Matsuri

This lively festival takes place at the Nachi-no-taki waterfalls. Mikoshi (portable shrines) are brought down from the mountain and met by groups bearing flaming torches.
Buddhist Temple in Nachi & Kii-katsuura


At the base of Nachi-no-taki waterfalls is this Buddhist temple, where you can pay to hike up to a lookout with a better view of the falls.