Top Choice Sweets in Miyazaki

Okashi no Hidaka

This is a 67-year-old family-run legend. Peruse the refrigerator case of luscious-looking Japanese and Western pastries, but order the giant nanjakō-daifuku (dumpling of sweet bean paste, strawberry, chestnut and cr…
Top Choice Noodles in Miyazaki


Workmanlike Togakushi has no English menu, but come anyway, for the delicate, thin kama-age udon (¥650) for dipping in tangy sauce of negi (green onion), tempura-ko (tempura crispies) and refreshing yuzu (Japanese c…
Top Choice Steak in Miyazaki


If you're going to splurge on Miyazaki gyū, make it at this gracious yakiniku (Korean-style barbecue) and steak house with river views. Lunch set menus are a nice deal with appetiser, salad, beef, vegetables, desser…
Japanese in Miyazaki

Kitchen Hiro Nee

This cosy one-man, one-waitress cafe serves the chef's selections of typical Japanese mains: ginger pork, rice omelettes, braised chicken and veggies. College kids come for home-cooked meals and Hiro's friendly conv…
Korean in Miyazaki

Izakaya Seoul

This Korean restaurant does a brisk business in barbecue made with Miyazaki gyū, bibimba (rice hotpot) and pajeon (savoury pancakes). A two-person yakiniku set is ¥6500.
Yakitori in Miyazaki

Maruman Honten

This homely shop serves jidori (local chicken), full of flavour but tougher and cooked rarer than you may be used to. The standard is momoyaki (grilled chicken leg), but tataki (seared; ¥600) and sashimi (what you t…
Italian in Miyazaki


This nice trattoria has an open kitchen, two large tables and a long counter badly in need of some 'no smoking' signs, as even a few people lighting up in such a tiny space make it hard to taste the (otherwise excel…
Japanese in Miyazaki

Ogura Honten

Chikin nanban was invented here over half a century ago, and crowds still flock to Ogura's red-and-white awning in the narrow alley just behind Yamakataya department store. For shorter queues, try the larger, kitsch…
Japanese in Miyazaki

Ogura Segashira

This kitsch-filled cross-town branch of Ogura is larger and has shorter queues than the Ogura Honten outlet near the Yamakataya department store. Look for the green and brown Tiki-style totem poles and you'll have f…
Market in Miyazaki

Yamakataya Department Store

For takeaway food, try the basement marketplace at Yamakataya department store.