Miyazaki drinking and nightlife

Cafe in Miyazaki

Actors Square Coffee

A cool, young vibe pervades this spacious, mid-century-styled cafe perched above the arcade. Sip coffees from around the world or original coffee drinks like the 'grasshopper' or the trail-mix latte, or order from t…
Bar in Miyazaki

Igokochiya Anbai

Anbai is a sophisticated izakaya with more than 350 varieties of shōchū, well-chosen local dishes and cool background music. Not much English is spoken, but the 'mama-san' (hostess) is extremely kind, and if you ord…
Bar in Miyazaki

The Bar

This hub of the expat community and its local friends draws a cheery mixed crowd who are proud of the city and keen to welcome visitors over Miyazaki-brewed craft beers, mojitos made with mint from the owner's garde…
Bar in Miyazaki

Suntory Shot Bar 4665

Drink a highball at nightfall at this subdued art deco–styled spot with many Japanese malt whiskies to sample and hand-carved ice for cocktails. It gets busy Friday and Saturday nights. Otherwise, it's pretty chill.
Bar in Miyazaki


Modern jazz is alive and well in Miyazaki: there are near-nightly jams at this upstairs bistro-bar. Drinks start at ¥500, with coffee, snacks and steaks on the menu (¥700 to ¥2500). Cover charge varies.