Top things to do in Miyama

Top Choice Japanese in Miyama


Miyama's natural bounty is a big draw, and this restaurant in an elegantly updated thatched-roof farmhouse serves menus of seasonal local ingredients (such as mountain vegetables in spring and mushrooms in fall). Re…
Village in Miyama


Miyama’s star attraction is this hamlet, home to some 50 farmhouses with traditional kayabuki-yane (thatched roofs) in the local Kyoto Kitayama style (a hipped roof with a peaked gable on top). Many are still homes;…
Noodles in Miyama


In a 150-year-old thatched-roof farmhouse (and with tatami seating and a central hearth), Morishige serves soba, on its own or in a set with small dishes made from locally grown vegetables. Look for it behind the cl…
Cafe in Miyama


Inside one of the farmhouses in Kayabuki-no-sato, this cafe serves handmade local specialities like dango (soft rice-flour balls; ¥520 for a set with tea), made with millet and mugwort.
Museum in Miyama

Kayabuki Art Museum & Folk Museum

There are two historic kayabuki-yane (thatched-roof) farmhouses here: one that displays artefacts from traditional life in Miyama and another that serves as a gallery for contemporary craftwork.